Elephant Worksheet

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© J A Jones 2000-2009

You will need:

Grey or brown card (for the elephant)
Bright coloured card or stiff paper (for the head-dress and blanket)
Glue and Glitter, sequins, beads etc (for decorating the head-dress and blanket)
Trace the elephant shape, tail and head-dress onto another piece of paper and cut them out. Using the elephant and tail as templates, draw round them on either the grey or the brown card and then cut out the card.

Cut up to the fold lines as shown and then fold along the lines, to make the elephant take shape.

Glue the shaded area of the elephant's bottom and stick these flaps to the inside sides of the elephant. Fold the head until you are happy with the shape, (the head can be glued in a downward position by glueing the shaded areas on the head and tucking these inside). Glue the tail in position.

Cut the head-dress out of the bright card using the template and then cut a rectangle 10cm x 4 cm out of the same card  or paper for the blanket, making small snips along the short sides to make a fringe effect.

Decorate the head-dress and blanket with glitter, sequins, beads and glue them into position.