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Books about Animals

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Fox on a box

Phil Roxbee Cox, Stephen Cartwright (Illustrator)

Usborne Publishing Ltd

The simple stories in this series use carefully chosen words, to encourage children to become familiar with identifying letter and sound combinations and increase their confidence for reading alone.

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George and the Dragon

Chris Wormell

Red Fox

Far, far away in the high, high mountains in a deep, deep valley in a dark, dark cave - there lived a mighty dragon. He was an awesome and frightening creature, terrorising whole armies, destroying castles, demolishing forests and kidnapping princesses. But this mighty dragon had a deep, dark secret. This is a great book to share with children.

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Handa's Hen

Eileen Browne

Walker Books

Handa and her friend Akeyo search for Handa's grandma's black hen, Mondi. While searching, they find all sorts of other animals. If you loved "Handa's Surprise", you will love this.

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Hopping Mad

Michael Catchpool David Roberts (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

Fred has five frogs. Finn has five frogs too. And when ten frogs get together, it's party time. Hopping and bopping, jumping and jiving, all night long. But Fred and Finn don't find the froggy madness very funny. In fact they're hopping mad.
This is a counting book with that little bit extra, great for discussion.

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In Wibbly's Garden

Mick Inkpen


Wibbly Pig is like an inquisative toddler. In this book he finds a bean and as it grows into a beanstalk, Wibbly has a big surprise.
Bound to be a favourite with young children.

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Kipper's Christmas Eve

Mick Inkpen

Hodder Childrens Books

Another lovely story about Kipper. It is Christmas Eve and Kipper is looking for a fir tree. When he finds one he digs it up to take it home, but the tree isn't all he takes home. A lovely end to the story as always from Mick Inkpen.

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Kitten's First Full Moon

Kevin Henkes

Greenwillow Books

Winner of the 2005 Caldecott Medal this simply but beautifully illustrated book is a real treat.
It is Kitten's first full moon, and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. And she wants it. Does she get it? Well, no...and yes. What a night!

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Little Beaver and The Echo

Amy Mac Donald and Sarah Fox-Davis (Illustrator)


Little beaver lives by the edge of the pond, he is all alone, he has no family or friends.When he starts to cry he hears someone else crying and sets out to find out who it can be. A clever little story with charming pictures.

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