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Books about Animals

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Little Red Hen

Michael Forman

Red Fox

Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat, but which of her friends will help her plant them. When the wheat has grown it is taken to the miller and then baked into a beautiful loaf. All of the friends think they should have a piece.

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Maisy's Christmas Eve

Lucy Cousins

Walker Books

Another great little story about Maisy with the usual bright illustrations that children love.

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Monkey and Me

Emily Gravett

Macmillan Children's Books

A cheeky little girl and her toy monkey swing irresistibly through the pages of this gorgeous playful book. Young children will love guessing what animal they are pretending to be, before shouting out the answers as the pages are turned to reveal the real creatures. Soon, everyone will be waddling like a penguin, jumping like a kangaroo and hanging upside down like a bat!

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My Big Brother, Boris

Liz Pichon

Scholastic Hippo

Winner of the Smarties Book Prize Silver Award 2004

Little Croc and Boris did live happily in a lovely part of the swamp! Lately Boris has been spending more and more time with crocs his own age, looking very grumpy and playing loud music. Gone are the days when Little Croc and Boris would play happily together. Little Croc now wonders whether Boris still loves him. Will things ever be the same again? An engaging and amusing exploration of sibling relationships and growing up.

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No Matter What

Debi Gliori


This is an excellent book in every way: it contains beautiful illustrations, simple rhyming phrases and a moving storyline. It is a simple but funny story of a mother fox's affirmation to her young cub of her unconditional love, and of how she sets her cub's mind at rest about all his worries.

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Old Hushwing

Alan Brown


Old Hushwing is an owl who lives in a barn next to Billy's house. When the barn is converted into a bedroom for Billy the owl is scared away. Billy's parents get the builders to make an Owl House in the loft, in the hope that the owl will return.
A simple but touching story, beautifully illustrated.

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One Moose, Twenty Mice

Clare Beaton

Barefoot Books

This is a great counting book which unlike most books includes numbers up to 20. There are a wide variety of bright felt animals to meet and count, which will appeal to any young child.

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One Winter's Day

M. Christina Butler, Tina MacNaughton

Little Tiger Press

When Little Hedgehog's nest is blown away in a terrible storm he wraps up warmly and sets off for Badger's house. On his way Hedgehog meets lots of animals shivering in the wind and snow. One by one, he gives them his cosy mittens, hat and scarf. But will Little Hedgehog make it through the storm to safety?

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