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Books about Christmas

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The Mouse before Christmas

Michael Garland


On Christmas Eve, a little mouse decides to stay awake to see Santa and ends up taking a wild ride in Santa's sleigh before being returned home safe and sound. With beautiful illustrations this lovely story is bound to be popular with children.

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The Nativity Play

Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

A book that will be enjoyed by both children and adults, especially those involved in dressing children for a nativity play. Great fun.

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The Snow Angel

Christine Leeson, Jane Chapman

Little Tiger Press

A beautifully illustrated book about two little mice who are playing in the snow when one Christmas morning they see an angel. Soaring through the sky, with sunshine gleaming on its wings, it is breathtaking and magical. But as they watch, the angel flutters and tumbles to the ground. Is there anything the mice can do to save the lost and lonely angel before it is too late?

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The Very Snowy Christmas

Diana hendry Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Little Tiger Press

It’s the night before Christmas and Big Mouse and Little Mouse are putting up decorations. Little Mouse scampers out to search for holly but finds big white flakes falling from the sky. “Goodness me!” he cries. “The sky is coming undone!”
This is a lovely warm story with delightful illustrations.

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Mick Inkpen

Hodder and Stoughton

Threadbear is an old bear that belongs to Ben. In his tummy there is a squeaker but nobody has ever been able to make him squeak. Then a visit from Father Christmas has a surprising result. This book is for everyone who has ever had a teddy.

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Geraldine McCaughrean Christian Birmingham (Illustrator)


Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen, when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even...A stunning retelling of the age-old carol of Good King Wenceslas and his page, who set out on a bitter winter night to deliver the spirit of Christmas. Christian Birmingham's unique illustartions in rich, soft oil pastels are a perfect compliment to this much-loved story.

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What I believe

Alan Brown / Andrew Langley

Millbrook Press

A very useful resource book, well illustrated.

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