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Books about Winter

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The Winter Hedgehog

Ann and Reg Cartwright

Red Fox

A crisply illustrated story that introduces lots of animals and birds seen in the winter months.

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The Year in the City

Kathy Henderson, Paul Howard (Illustrator)

Walker Books

This book has something for everyone. It follows the busy city life as it goes through the months of the year. The illustrations can be looked at over and over again there is so much to enjoy and talk about.

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Mick Inkpen

Hodder and Stoughton

Threadbear is an old bear that belongs to Ben. In his tummy there is a squeaker but nobody has ever been able to make him squeak. Then a visit from Father Christmas has a surprising result. This book is for everyone who has ever had a teddy.

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Winter Garden

Ruth Brown

Andersen Press Ltd

A magical book, introducing the visitors to a garden at night. As it is winter, the snow on the ground records which creatures came, and where they went

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