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The Best Ears in the World

Claire Llewellyn

Hodder Wayland

A young rabbit hates his long ears, but when his father explains about sounds and the importance of hearing, he soon changes his mind. As they roam around their woodland home, they observe, ask questions and comment on all the different sounds they hear; from the beautiful sound of the blackbird singing to the farmer's noisy tractor. In doing so, this text explores the principles of sound, thus supporting the Science Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds) guidelines.

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The Five Senses

Herve Tullet

Tate Publishing; English Language Ed edition

Seeing, hearing, taste, touch and smell are the ways children explore their world. This charming book is a kaleidoscope of colour and quirky design ideas, including a selection of noses, a distorting mirror, a Braille alphabet and a page of forks specially adapted for eating peas. Packed with humour and originality it is guaranteed to tickle the senses of readers of all ages.

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Water (Themes for Early Years Science)

Jenny Morris


Water is a popular early years theme as children are familiar with it from a very early age and it affects so many aspects of our lives. This book aims to harness their interest by looking at water in a broad enjoyable topic. The six chapters of activities will focus on the weather; sea water; fresh water; how we can use water at home; how living things need water; and people who work with water.

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